Audit and Investigation Manager

New Incentives

Job title: Audit and Investigation Manager

Company: New Incentives

Job description: Key Responsibilities

  • Review Staff Work Day Reports
  • Complete Investigation Procedures and Status each week
  • Plan and oversee intermittent on location and offsite reviews and investigations
  • Confidentially do on-ground examinations against explicit representatives or functional areas
  • Maintain reports, everything being equal, and examinations, distinguish misrepresentation, and explore until closure
  • Review cost entries by calling merchants to survey authenticity
  • Develop quarterly and progressing preparing to further develop supervisors and FOs capacity to recognize and relieve fraud

Job Responsibilities and Tasks

Program Protocol and Operations Audit (40%)

  • Review current review and consistence measures towards fostering a review and consistence plan and protocol.
  • Provide precise appraisals, legitimate documentation and canny recommendations.
  • Assess staff’s consistence with the approaches of the association and program execution guidelines.
  • Talk to different partners, including recipients, to get criticism on issues and holes for the organization.
  • Confidentially do on-ground examinations against explicit workers or functional areas.
  • Plan and audit the inspecting exercises including revealing adherence to routine vaccination technique by facility staff, program, and money the executives methods by employee.
  • Confirm center gifts and other acquired authoritative things are being conveyed per timetable to partners or related end users.
  • Ensure opportune finish and detailing of audits.
  • Complete Investigation Procedures and Status each week

Fraud Identification and Investigation (30%)

  • Develop and carry out compelling systems for the recognition and anticipation of extortion in the association or during program implementation.
  • Oversee the enrollment and preparing of inspectors to guarantee a powerful unit.
  • Collaborate with attorneys and law authorization specialists to execute plans for the goal of misrepresentation cases.
  • Conduct interviews with staff and partners to get knowledge on the level of inclusion of a deceitful episode and degree of monetary misfortune to the organization.
  • Seek and break down pertinent archives and dashboards , proof and information to recognize irregularities in hierarchical records and programming.
  • Maintain reports, everything being equal, and investigations.
  • Plan and oversee occasional on location and offsite investigations
  • Synthesize data and methodologies needed to catch extortion suspects and recuperate hierarchical assets or assets.
  • Develop and carry out cycles and rules successful for the counteraction or moderation of extortion risks.
  • Make appearances during court hearings, if essential, to affirm as witnesses and present proof to back up declarations in a misrepresentation litigation.

Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement (20%)

  • Monitor the execution of the contingent money move intercession to guarantee consistence with the principles and guidelines of donors.
  • Monitor the activities of New Incentives – All Babies Are Equal Initiative (NI-ABAE) to guarantee consistence with Nigerian laws, guidelines and guidelines.
  • Protocol survey and consistence audit no matter how you look at it, incorporating consistence with cash payment convention, transportation wellbeing and rate assumptions, partner commitment methodology, security announcing, correspondence and the board conventions, and inner and outer correspondence guidelines.
  • Review consistence with activities and supply-side issues ID, detailing, and resolution.
  • Inform any noticed shortcomings with clear proposals in conventions and inside representative relationships.
  • Liaise with proper legislative offices to recognize and get required endorsements and documents.
  • Review and get-together of proof to conform to review prerequisites and guarantee inward execution of Audit recommendations.

Managerial (10%)

  • Provide specialized oversight and direction to the review and consistence unit.
  • Support the enlistment, preparing, instructions/questioning, assessment, potential, discovery, staff’s turn of events and interior correspondence of vital labor needed for interior review and compliance.
  • Identify preparing needs, train, follow up and mentor, complete intermittent assessment of colleagues to boost their abilities and obligation to hierarchical goals.
  • Undertake some other regulatory obligations, or preparing and improvement, suitable to the grade of the position.

Education and Work Experience Requirement

  • MSc, BSc or BA in Accounting or Finance or Public Health disciplines or Social Sciences disciplines. A Professional confirmation (like ICAN, ACCA or CFE) would be a bonus.
  • 3 – 5 years related knowledge functioning as an Audit and/or Compliance Officer or Manager. Favored involvement with consistence the board, inner control or misrepresentation investigation.
  • 1 – 2 years related knowledge working for a non-benefit, magnanimous association or (I)NGO.

Skills and Competencies Requirement

  • Preferably an applicant previously situated in Jigawa, Katsina or Zamfara State.
  • Good hierarchical abilities, successful using time effectively, capacity to fulfill time constraints, perform various tasks, and focus on tasks
  • Sound social mindfulness and capacity to work multicultural and multiethnic environment
  • Proven administrative and/or initiative skills
  • Ability to convey excellent work in brief timeframes and to work under pressure
  • Adaptability to changing nature of compassionate work and functional difficulties
  • Willingness to visit field missions to perform discrete enquiries visits
  • Careful consideration regarding monetary issue and the executives of funds
  • Critical scholar and have critical thinking attitude
  • Ability to complete work viably from auditors
  • Skilled in performing discrete enquiries
  • Detail-arranged, tenacious professional
  • Passion to help other people and lessen baby mortality
  • Very great correspondence and composing abilities, English, Hausa and lingos (verbal and written)
  • Excellent responsiveness to email and telephone requests
  • Proficiency in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, web programs, cell phones and ICT overall. Capacity to utilize Google Doc, Google Sheet and AppSheet would be a bonus.
  • Motivation to work in a youthful association that is continually changing dependent on partner criticism and works with a lean structure
  • Profound information on reviewing, consistence, examinations and inner control necessities and practices
  • Familiarity with review softwares

Language Requirement

  • Proficiency in English Language (discussion, perusing and composing) is required
  • Knowledge of Hausa Language (discussion and perusing) is required.

How to Apply

  • All entries ought to be sent through Breezy and by rounding out this

prior to thirteenth August 2021

Expected salary:

Location: Nigeria

Job date: Tue, 03 Aug 2021 22:58:26 GMT

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