Invest Home And Salvage the Country from Unemployment – Onyema tell Wealthy Nigerians


Allen Ifechukwu Onyema is the Chairman of Air Peace Airline. He is a lawyer, businessman and a Conflict resolution expert. Hail from Mbosi town in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State, South East region of Nigeria. A Proud Nigerian of Igbo descent. Started his education in the old Bendel State, principally, Benin and Warri were he attended several primary schools and also several secondary schools including St. Anthony’s Secondary School, Azia, Urhobo College Effurun and the prestigious Government College Ughelli. He was privileged to attend Nigeria’s Premier University, the Great University of Ibadan (UI) where he studied Law. He attended the Nigerian Law School between 1987/88 and was called to the bar in 1989. His parents and a uncle wanted him to work for Shell after Law school but his uncle, Capt. J.O.W. Onyema, a master marina, was the Head, Crude Oil Export Terminal, Forcados, Warri. That made him to remain in Warri which he never like he wanted to be free because he felt that working in Warri would still keep him under parental care and control but he wanted to be on my own. His mother was angry that he was considering a life of the unknown rather than working for Shell. But he was bent on going away. So he rebelled against his parents’ and his uncle’s decision and left for Lagos.

He came into Lagos in 1990 in search of jobs. He had no money on him and was squatting in Oshodi. He couldn’t afford taxis or buses; he was going to Lagos Island by rail. Going back to Oshodi, he would trek from Marina to Iddo to join the overcrowded trains. And was deem to practice his learn profession as a lawyer.

For two months, he was searching for a law firm to join to no avail. He became frustrated but it came in contact with then late Chief Vincent Amobi Nwizugbo who gave him the opportunity to come to his chambers on Martins Street, Lagos Island to learn. Had 5 other lawyers working as colleague he was very happy. He once said in an interview with The sun that atleast, every morning, there would be a place I could go to, though I was not on salary”. However, as the story goes he was not long placed on a monthly salary of N500 This he merited when he surprised his boss by winning a high court case for the chambers; a case they had on their own regarded as a bad case for the law firm. It was his first case as a lawyer. He was up against a SAN with three other lawyers in tow. His trusted abilities earn him head of chambers under two years. By that time, he had become big in real estate so he had to resign so as to avoid conflict of interest.

When he venture into real estate, the industry was not as lucrative but he found his glory in that industry with hardwork and dedication to God led to his success in the industry. He then diverted to other businesses which are successful today.

Prior to 2013, he have made a success story in business and finance. He was well known as a successful individual that have really done great for himself so he thought of how he is going to create job for teeming youth because he was passionate on the youth because he saw how the youth potential are dying in the country because of lack of available channels to work so he discuss with his wife (ALICE OJOCHIDE ONYEMA). and do several consultation and then AIR PEACE was born with a mission for welfare of mankind. He didn’t lose the mission with young ones in Air Peace who today, could boast of a meaningful livelihood for themselves and their families. He treat staff equals and show equal to them with mouth watering bonuses to boost their moral to work.

“I will like to encourage every wealthy person in Nigeria to invest in the country so as to create jobs for our the youth” instead of taking the money abroad that is what onyema did exceptional and he is lauded for.

His commercial flight have all the name of his family members on it, to show you his sense of unity circle, he was a remarkable personality in Nigeria and Africa. He have help to settle a lot of regional conflict between countries of Africa likewise intra-conflict that is conflict within the Nigeria shore. He was among the personality that saw the primary assistance of settling of amnesty in the Niger Delta by Late President Musa Yaradua. He have been on several committee on peace and conflict resolution around Africa and outside the continent.

Recently, he shown he immense generosity by sending his free air flight to evaluate Nigerian in South Africa over the xenophobic affair by south African, this actually brought his praise and appreciation by a lot of Nigerian for that high magnitude of brotherly love and companionship which pass a message to the world that Nigerian are till there brothers keeper.

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