How to make a child creative

Children are creative being from God, it’s part of their nature. But is there a way to make them more brilliant to creativity?

Yes! Here we suggest some ways based on recent research on how to make your children creative.

Expose creativity to a child

Alway donot exercise all your decision on a child, give them large percent age of freedom; Stop telling your child everything he or she need to do. Because multiple studies have found that when parent have a high level of demand for their children and at thesame time fail to be responsive to their child own ideas -children end up with lower level of creativity. But on the contrary, if parent are less demanding but more responsive to their children.

Children creativity increase so perhaps rather than compulsory booking your child into every music and art class you can fund inorder to boost creativity you could follow your child leads and see where they take you.

  • Always understand the circle and generational dimension of your child; many parent are strict about limiting their children access to TV and computers partly because they believe these devices limit their creativity. But research suggest this is not necessary the case. Indeed let your child play with apps that allow them to express themselves.

Research recently followed a small group of children in their homes and at school when using tablets, using observational method they found that apps which allow children to write collage, draw and make music encouraged creativity in children. This was not only the case when playing with the apps, but offline as well. So clear your schedule to help your child record their next top 40 hit, or sit to have your portrait done.

While a variety of research give us clues about how to encourage creativity in children, there’s still way more to learn. In particular, we know very little about how creativity emerges in children under four years that’s why we are running an online survey for parent of children from birth to 47 months to find out how creativity links to other factors like technology, social interaction and play.

  • Lead by example; be creative when you’re around your child. Recent study have found that highly creative parent have highly creative one year olds. Previous research has found that this relationship hold even when kids reach adolescent. You may wonder if these relationship exist because of genetic – research has after all linked specific genes to creativity. But twin studies have found that genetic accounts for only a small proportion of people’s creativity. So it’s much more likely that children learn to be creative from their parent.

Indeed, experimental studies have found that when children watch someone else be highly creative they become more creative themselves.

So if you want your child to be creative, it’s a good idea to make the effort to be creative yourself.

The parent need to be creative to pass it to a child

How can you do this? A simple way is to come up with lots of different ways to use an object. For instance, when you’re around your child, you could use a towel not just as a towel but also as a cape, a blanket, a hat, and so much more.

  • Challenges your child to a creative display and observe their response; challenge your child to a dance off. In recent experiment, one group of children was taught dance routines to pop songs. Another group of children was instructed to improvise their dancing, but for instance, thinking of all the different ways they could more their arms. Children who did the dance improvisation came up with more original ideas on unrelated creativity test than children who learned dance routine.

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