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If your Instagram presence isn’t nearly as strong as you’d want, it’s time to discover how to improve your techniques for gaining actual, organic Instagram followers. As your audience expands, you’ll have additional opportunity to engage with users and provide them with unique experiences.

The organic distinction is crucial: when it comes to gaining more Instagram followers, brands frequently take the easy way out. Pay for likes and follower sites abound, but they’re never worth it because the Instagram algorithm is constantly changed to screen out bought, low-quality accounts and interactions.

Not to add, your Instagram following is meaningless unless it represents an engaged fan base that makes purchases, sees your landing sites, and spreads the word about your companies to their friends and followers. With these suggestions on how to get more Instagram followers, you can start establishing your profile the right way.

How To Get More Instagram Followers In 10 Easy Steps

1. Make sure your Instagram account is up to date.

One of the most crucial measures before attempting to figure out how to increase Instagram followers is to ensure that your account is adequately optimized. Consider your Instagram bio to be the “homepage” of your account.

How would consumers know the account belongs to your brand if it doesn’t include a bio, image captions, a correct username, or a profile image? Although it may seem self-evident, your Instagram bio and image serve as the cornerstones of your business identification.

2. Keep your username as near to your genuine brand name as feasible to make it search-friendly.

If your company/business name is lengthy, shorten it to something that your target audience would remember. Don’t use digits or special characters in your username, and try to keep it consistent with your other social network names.

3. Create a content calendar that is consistent.

When trying to gain Instagram followers, the worst thing you can do is post content at odd, haphazard times. You don’t want to make users forget why they followed you in the first place if you were lucky enough to get them to follow you in the first place.

Maintain a consistent posting schedule to combat this. To avoid spam, brands should publish no more than a few times per day, but whatever your rhythm is, stick to it. Approximately 200 million Instagram users log on every day, so try publishing a few times throughout the day to reach a bigger audience.

Sticking to a schedule will help you give your followers a consistent experience and keep them informed about your company/business.

4. Plan ahead of time for Instagram postings.

While the Instagram algorithm has altered to show people more of what they enjoy, publishing at the proper times can still increase the overall interaction on your photos, giving them more visibility.

There’s a lot your brand can do to increase visibility, and scheduling Instagram content is now one of them.

It’s always a good idea to plan ahead of time, and with Instagram scheduling tools, you can target your audience while still maintaining a steady stream of material.

5. Enlist the help of partners and brand ambassadors to promote your content.

It’s critical to understand the significance of your audience when learning how to obtain more Instagram followers. The more followers you gain (organically), the more buyers and potential customers you’ll attract.

Another option is to promote your handle to a much broader audience. Work with larger Instagram accounts in your business, such as well-known influencers in your field, to promote your material to their followers.

Just make sure you’re giving something worthwhile in return. You don’t want to come across as too pushy. To grow your Instagram audience, look for marketing alliances and co-marketing arrangements with other businesses.

6. Be wary of phony Instagram followers

There’s a big difference between an Instagram account with false followers and one with real ones. It may be tempting to buy Instagram followers, but the negative consequences outweigh the benefits of organic follower growth.

Fake Instagram followers have a tendency to:

Deceive new followers: If visitors visit an inactive Instagram feed with tens of thousands of followers, the account’s trust will be lowered. Do not deceive others into following you. Improve engagement through establishing trust and long-term relationships.

No return on investment: While buying followers may appear to be a more convenient option, your newly acquired bot or unmanned new followers will not be purchasing anything. People appreciate what you’re publishing or your company in general, therefore they follow brands on Instagram for a reason. These are genuine spenders who add monetary value to your company.

Generate little to no buzz: How many of your 10,000 false followers will comment, like, and share your content? Instagram will most likely clean up these bot or false accounts, erase them, and make your posts look like engagement graveyards.

Your Instagram posts can be shared, liked, commented on, and engaged with by real people. Furthermore, many users appreciate it when someone on the other end responds.

7. Promote your Instagram account on social media.

If you don’t advertise your Instagram account, how will people find it? Ensure that your Instagram account is linked to your website and other social media platforms.

One of the most effective ways to be discovered is to increase exposure and awareness. If you actually want to increase your Instagram followers, make it clear where they can find you. You might include social media buttons on your website and blog to encourage people to share your content on social media and to let them know where they can find you on Instagram.

Cross-promotion throughout your social media platforms is another excellent option. Make sure you’re not just asking for a follow, though. Instead, attempt to promote original material on Instagram so that people would want to follow you there. Fortunately, with Instagram’s recent addition of a slew of new content and video features such as Stories, IGTV, and Reels, you now have a wonderful opportunity to grow your following through original material.

8. Provide stuff that your audience wants to see.

While learning what content your followers like to see is easier said than done, it’s a good idea to do so. On Instagram, you’ll immediately notice that some material performs better than others. This is why testing is crucial.

The smallest detail may make all the difference, whether it’s filters, captions, content types, or post times. Keep an eye on new Instagram trends to ensure you’re publishing stuff that’s popular.

Your brand should invest in Instagram analytics tools to take your analysis to the next level. This will make tracking, benchmarking, and analyzing Instagram content across accounts much easier.

Analyze alternative filters, captions, and more to find what works best with your audience and be confident in your content strategy. If you’re not sure where to begin, look to your competitors, but don’t over mimic them, try to keep it real.

9. Get the conversation going

Conversation is one of the most effective strategies to get consumers aware of your Instagram account. People are still using social media as a point of contact for brands, whether it’s for quick inquiries and chats, significant customer service issues, or appreciation for their favorite brands and goods. You should also be supportive and communicative on Instagram for your business.

Try to answer as many questions or comments as you can, because it could make the difference between gaining a new customer, gaining a new following, or developing your relationship with your audience.

10. Look for hashtags that are effective.

Hashtags are one of the most tried-and-true techniques to gain Instagram followers. For years, hashtags have been an important tool for finding and expanding our social reach. As a marketer, you want to grow your audience by getting followers, and hashtags help you do that.

To begin, look for hashtags that aren’t overly popular. It’s not simple to stand out in a sea of millions of photos and videos on Instagram.

You must choose hashtags that your target audience is more likely to use. These folks are more likely to follow your account if a relevant connection is created. One method to aggregate postings around hyper-relevant content to your business and campaigns is to use unique, branded hashtags.

11. Make your customers happy

Last but not least, if you make your Instagram followers pleased, you will witness an increase in your audience. Put the suggestions we’ve given you for brainstorming and scheduling content into practice in a way that feels authentic to your brand identity. To put it another way, don’t come out as desperate, sales-driven, or robotic. While in the business, MAKE IT FUN.


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