Did you know Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt?

Sudan has almost twice the variety of pyramids as Egypt. Pyramids are well-known historical Egyptian monuments, however what many individuals don’t realise is that Sudan has extra pyramids than Egypt.

Greater than 200 pyramids have been in-built Sudan, versus the 118 pyramids in all of Egypt, in the course of the historical reign.

They have been constructed by members of the Kingdom of Kush, an historical Nubian civilisation that dominated the areas alongside the Nile River from 1070 B.C. to 350 A.D. and began even 500 years after the Egyptians.

Constructed of sandstone and granite, the steeply-sloping pyramids include chapels and burial chambers embellished with illustrations and inscriptions carved in hieroglyphs and Meroitic script celebrating the rulers’ lives in Meroe – a rich Nile metropolis.

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