The informative age have increase the need of man.

There is demand for everything in the marketplace. Ranging from agriculture, health, education to entertainment, Information Technology and so on. Name it!!! The demand have so increase that everything now have a need in the marketplace. People go all out to search for their need that they can not actually do and create themselves.


For instance, if a bachelor is not a friend to the kitchen, he will always demand for the service of a restaurant or fast food joint which he will wholesomely paid for it, honestly, what one cannot provide or do will always pay someone to do it for you because it the sign someone need to be rewarded for your lack of experience in that field. A banker cannot do the work of a mechanic, if his car broke down, he will always demand the service to fit the car.

Now, the marketplace is full of individual having quest to seek for satisfaction negatively or positively has the case may be.


Negatively, is when the good/service is on mystical dimension that is from the evil side, because not all demand is divine incline, while positively, is driven by divine connectivity. So, the society has welcome a lot of things which now depend on the choice of the individual in the marketplace but i advice should be caution not to compromise your faith” You can read our writeup on: Faith and Business in the marketplace for more understanding on this”. Because, sex demand, ritual killing, kidnapping, xenophobic act, oil theft, and so on can be a demand by someone which is a social vice that do not mean young individual should venture into such kind of business but use the availability of high demand of things that can be use for economic gain to lean on the striving society.

A lot of men of God will say that one should look around to solve a problem because the society is full of opportunity with an endless demand for which of true, many people need someone to solve a problem for them at a point in time but one need to be careful on what he/she demand for and solve people needs in this our contemporary society.


Ilounoh Emmanuel


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