Best ways to explain puberty to a child

Overtime, World Health organization have advice parent or care-giver to educate their children or wards about the concept of sex education relating to changing they witness in their body while growing up.

Sex education relating to changing they witness in their body while growing up.

Because children became vulnerable to societal deficiency like rape, sexual abuses and immorality. But it donot stop at this explanation on what the children need to know when they are experiencing rapid change in their bodies.

A child from the age of 8 to 16 need to understand in the simplest form what is happening to their body and why are they experiencing changes in their body, what this changes mean and how it can be manage with good hygiene.

Now, a change witness or experience by a growing child on this body is called PUBERTY.

In this article I will explain the simple ways to explain to a child or make a child understand the concept of puberty while they are till growing up.

Some of the best ways to make a child understand puberty is….

  • Always teach a child the formation surrounding the age they are in. It can only be possible if you draw closer to them so they can confine in you always because children’s are always desirous to know something new around them, talk more of what is happening to their body. For instance, a father need to explain to his son the significant of wet dreams anytime he wakeup and found out he ejaculate in the bed likewise the mother should make the daughters understand what they know about mentral cramp and alot of changes they witness; speak it to them in the simple language they will understand, if possible engage to them in their local dialect and always let them know the phenomenal that is surrounding it happening at that stage of their lives.

  • Parent should always expose them to good diet and healthy and clean environment, donot overlook their non-challent attitude toward cleanliness especially when it have to do with hygiene nature of their everyday life. Do you know that 25% of girl-child that are not taught hygiene during their puberty stage always get infected to disease without their notice till they come to age, so to avoid your children to be in the percentage category always teach them how they can sanitize, clean and always maintain healthy living. Discipline them if need be to make sure they are responsible to proper clean condition. For instance, if a child is seen at puberty stage with dirty clothing’s alway draw them to attention so it will not be a way of life for them that can bring aftermath consequences.

  • As a parent , if your children are approaching puberty stage, always take them outing or new place to experience behavioural mixture of others. It will make them feel sense of exposure so they will know the need to what you always educated them about. Because through such socialization they may likely hear it from another person on what you are telling them and will enable understand more on the concept that surround “puberty”.

  • Always start the talk early because today growing children are exposed to so much information about sex and relationship on TV and the internet that by the time they approach puberty they may be familiar with some advanced ideas. And yet, talking about the issues of puberty remains an important job for parents because not all of a child’s information comes from reliable sources.

Donot always wait for your child to come to you with question about his or her changing body – that day may never arrive, especially if your child doesnot know it is OK to talk to you about this sensitive topic.

Ideally, as a parent, you have to start talking to your children about change their bodies go through as they grow for instance, a 8 years old should know what physical and emotional change are associated with puberty.

Ideally, as a parent, you have to start talking to your children about change their bodies go through as they grow

Now, what do you need to say to a child about puberty?

When talking to a child about puberty it is important to be reassuring. Puberty brings about so many changes that its easy for kids to feel insecure and alone.

Often, children entering puberty feel insecure about their appearances but it can help them to know that everyone goes through these changes.
They also should know that the timing of these changes can vary greatly.

Importantly, Growing Children should know the following about puberty:

  • Both boy and girls often get acnes and start to sweat more.
  • Both boy and girl get public hair, under arm hair and their leg hair become thicker and darker.
  • Boys voices change and become deeper
  • Boys grow facial hair and their muscle get bigger
  • Girls breast begins to swell and then grow sometimes one faster then the other.
  • Boys sometimes have wet dreams, which means they ejaculate in their sleeps.
  • A girls period may last 3days to a week and she can use sanitary napkins (pads) or tampons to absorb the blood.

It is advisable your child know that you are available anytime to talk. But its also important to initiate conversation too.

As a parent, it’s your job to try to discuss puberty – and the feeling associated with those changes as openly as possible. While you might feel is an embarrassed or awkward discussion on these sensitive topic, your child probably will be relieved to have you take the lead once in a while.

It can be of confident that you know the subject matter of puberty. So before you answer your childs question, make sure as a parent your own question have been answered.

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