There are several point that have been indicated on emotional reaction of a child to adulthood before now.

But, we are going to look from the dimension of 9 emotional reaction of a child toward learning, it will help a parent and teacher to know the path of positioning a child learning process.

The first is SECURITY; the concept of security is a something that have to do within especially when it have to do with a child.

lssues that confront the child will make the child to develop an internal resistor

The child is tend to learn to have faith. Security is develop if the mind is free to adhere and understand the necessary to be secure, especially when it have to be on a particular challenges or issue that confront the child when such happen it will make the child to develop an internal resistor then the child will have the basic knowledgeable fact to understand the wayout and call for internal action.

For instance, if a father impacted on the children to understand the concept of security within themselves it will go along way on emotion security of a child.

Criticism develop the nature of a child to condemn much thing that cross paths because if he/she live with criticism during the growth and developmental stage will lead the child to condemn and disconnect from the real nature of appreciate an effort but condemn the inaction that take time to develop to something sustainable.


According to English dictionary “Hostility” is very unfriendly disposition or a state of deep-seated ill-will. Now, if a child feel hostile, you will agree with me that he/she will feel unfriendly or feel always opted out especially when it have to do with thing that concern emotion and it will reflect the function to pick any fight that come during the process of development.


If a child develop the habit to be afraid. He/she will learn to be apprehensive on situation that have to do with emotion.
Fear is a mystery that have deal really on the apprehensive nature of children, if the child donot coordinate himself to work on self-realization to cut short of it.

Acceptance leaves a psychological mark on a child

The first port of call of acceptance is the family, but some child do to circumstances surrounding their birth always lack acceptances either from the mother or the father and it will leave a psychological mark on the child that may lead to hatred that is the child will lack proper nature within to love someone that cross paths with them.

Pity is a feeling of sympathy and sorrow for the misfortune of others. That is having unfortunate development. If a child live with feeling of sympathy and sorrow it will lead to having a sorry state for him or herself which may lead to self-regret and resentfulness.

If a child is not recognize he/she will really not get the full-emotion of being guilty of not working hard enough to gain it. Especially when it have to do with socialization.

A child will internally start liking him or herself naturally because the society have approve of it.

This is an important part of a child, if a child is given adequate societal approval. The child will internally start liking him or herself naturally because the society have approve of him to socialize without any intimidation or suppression.

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  1. Onuorau December 16, 2019 Reply

    Please i have a question, can a child be force to learn?

    • jiokcareers December 16, 2019 Reply

      You can instructionally guide a child to learn. But do not be aggressive on the child because if you force a child, the child will believe that he/she lack the love that is needed to be in the position to enhance a learning process

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