Every adult in our contemporary society deserve to be happy like a child, because a child that is growing up always have limited issue to be sad of especially when surrounded with little or no worries about what will happen next and what is expected of them when it come to things an adult have to think of in a certain time and season.

We are going to look at some childhood attitude or behaviour that an adult needs to adopt to take him back to his childhood nature to prolong his days and enhance his happiness.


    The attainment of adulthood is not a course to stop learning but a stage for more learning but many adult suspend learning immediate they believe they are an adult, then they will now imbibe the syndrome of “I have known it all”. This have been a challenge over time because pride and ego set in to engulf the tenacity of thought and illusion which opt out the nature of being when one was a child.

A turn around to the nature of a child will rejuvenate the need and hunger to learn more from life. As it is widely said that ” a person that stop learning have to stop living” what make the growth of a child are the abilities to learn which is a tool that have help to shape the mind which an adult need also.

Every child appreciate friendliness and associations


A well trained sociable child is always friendly to any one that comes along his or her path which is a nature that help make one to be volatiles and always flexible when meeting with people for the first time because some adult use to be hostile when it comes to being friendly especially to strangers on a first conversation which is really uncalled for. 

Imbibing a child nature of giving out a smile will go along way to exchange a pleasantries that is unimaginable that will help less stress at work or among misunderstandings.


 Children easily make friends and connect to people around them. Two adult can stay in a building as neighbour in a whole year without thinking of connecting to themselves but a presence of a child make it easy because a child connect more easily to people around him or her despite the situation or circumstances of things.

They most a time network through demand to play and joke with peer or making nasty conversation with adults which is an easy way of connecting to dimension of needs.  The sense of connectivity should be imbibe by an adult rather than being isolate and exclude oneself on a principle basis. 


 Always demonstrate love to the next person like a child. Children never hold things to heart but always have love in them because at that stage they are not expose to what is known as grudges or hatred but always love no matter the situation or circumstance on ground however love is what build the life of a child which the adult need to plug into, to have a sound and heathy life.

Every adult deserve to be happy as a child


Adult are faced with challenges and situations that most a times warrant a stress out thought to find a solution which is now a common slance in Nigeria “Guy wetin man dey think, no be here” but not knowing that over thinking put much stress on the brain to looks at the general situation you are in with despair rather than ignoring the unnecessary ones and creating space to deal out with the necessary one, that is why children always set priority right and focus on at a particular matter at any point in time.

Children always channel their energy to moderate thing and thought without dissipating it on unnecessary thought process that is irrelevant 


Some adult lost their sense of smartness just on the gap between childhood and adulthood, most adult are not smart to issue due to obsolete and nefarious believe overtime some are spiritual while others are physical.   

No matter how nefarious a thing will be it will never affect the smart approach of a child because he or she have engineer the mindset toward focus and being centred on behavioural principle that he or she was expose to.


Children are always intrusive to illusions when it comes to issues surrounding socio-cultural and moral circle.  Colloquially, two children will make you understand that they are the best architect of happiness from sense of openness to adapting a circumstances of the unknown.

A child will not always think of issues that is in-expectancy, but rather expect and give imagination to the unexpected which is a vital tool an adult need for success.

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