6 ways to recognize the language of opportunities

The study of language is basic to linguists. Quite lot of definition have been developed to explain on what language means. Two terms common to any definitions of language are encoding and decoding.

Encoding is use of symbols or letters into language while decoding is opening up of the secrecy of a message.

A language is either spoken or written in the ability to develop and use language as a means of communication is a key factor that differentiates human from animal. Each time a language spoken is not understood by the listeners in a communication system, there is a breakdown in the passage and reception of information.

Now, let look at 6 ways to recognize what language to use in an opportunities. Especially when opportunity tend to speak in different accent to different people.


One of the way to recognize the language of opportunity is understanding the concept of self-expression; it is the outlet for what is loaded within a man to some people. The expression make there inner mind prosperity even is not the reflection of it now but have an amazing awaiting future of poverty to prosperity.

No matter a class anybody belong, change is possible. And the key agent of that change is making room for self-expression.


Opportunity speaks the language of repetition. It simply tell us to take as much as we can as long as the chances are open. We should not hesitate to take as much as we can as long as the opportunity is repeated.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent but the one that is most responsive to change” Charles Darwin


The mystery of life is often despised things that are the most instrumental vehicle and channels used by God for our profiting”. – Dr Henry Aghoninse

We have come to another language of opportunity offer what you have when the opportunity open the mystery of life is that they often despised things in our hands are used by God for our lifting. All we have to do is to offer what we have when the opportunity call for it.


Information is the currency of today’s worlds. Those who control information are the most powerful people on the planet”. — Henry Aghorunse

The power of information in the language of opportunity is tremendous. It is what make you strong, fortified, resilient, tough, and strengthened as opposed to the fragile. Opportunity appears inform of information and it is a tool that leads to quick recovery in all human endeavour.

You must get certain pieces of information to explore and enjoy some opportunities in Life.

“Information prepare you for what is ahead for a solution”.


The language of opportunity is recognizing change; be sensitive to it, respond to it and get along with it to benefit from the opportunity it brings.

“Sensitivity to sudden change around us in our journey in life brings with it opportunities that needed to be acted upon for our benefit”


“Preparation and self-development of talents are important to meeting up with opportunities in life”
Henry Aghorunse.

Develop a skill

God didnot create anyone to fail but to succeed for this reason. He gave gifts and talents accordingly, relevant to challenge that may come our way. However, this depend on how we have developed these abilities before hands to confront such challenges and opportunities to take our place in destiny.

Things to Reflect On

Preparation and Self-development of talent are important to meeting up with opportunities in Life.

The language of opportunity is to develop yourself against the chances to comes, self-development will make you stand where others retreat in the face of certain challenges.

Opportunity may come in an area where relational skills are required for which you have developed yourself.

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