5 Mistake of a Job seeker

Alot of job seeker make mistake while on the search for jobs in the labour market.

These mistake have make many job seekers get rejected at early stage of the recruitment.

Jiokcareers is going to look at some of these mistake and also bring viable suggestion to correct them inotherto land a job in a shortest possible time.

The first mistake is poor reading culture of Jobseekers while applying for jobs

It is discovered that some job seekers no longer read information before applying for a job opening.

And the digital era have even worsened it because of the “APPLY

Button that is attached to the advert online.

So, in a situation where a job seeker saw an advert online but even before getting to read the job details has clicked on the apply button to submit CV (Curriculum Vitae) without getting instruction on the application requirement, job descriptions, and required document.

Jobs seekers are in a hurry to click on submit or APPLY

That is why a jobseeker will apply for front desk officer but will submit a CV showcasing Sale representative skills due to poor reading culture.

One thing job seekers need to know is that reading is not just within school alone, you can also read to research to improve yourself and grow in your career.

Please it is very important to carefully read a job details before sending in an application.

Secondly, Not using a targeted CV to apply for job; the worst mistake you can make as a job seeker is using One CV to apply for different jobs that cross your path.

Alot of job seeker fall a victim of this, and it have decline them opportunities to be invited for an interview.

For instance, if a company publish an advert for a graphic designer and you sent a CV that showcase sale and marketing skills or customer service without indicating any skills in graphic like Photoshop, Adobe illustrator and Corel draw.

Don’t you think you have lose out, because recruiter specific and mention important of skills in the job description so it will make their work easy and screening process easy.

Not using a targeted CV or Resume

Thirdly, most job seekers donot know that certificate matter less to so many progressive and innovative organization. Skills and competence is what really matters.

For instance, you go to an ICT academy and obtain a certificate on web designing and you never care to continue developing the skills. Don’t you show that when job opportunity show up on that needed skills and you are invited for an interview, you will surprise no one will be interested on your certificate of web designing, but how will you get a work done with what you learnt.

A jobseeker need to start thinking of result and skill than certificate.

However, it is mostly on government establishment that certificate matters more than skill and that is why Nigeria is still where it is as a Country.

Some job seeker make mistake of not applying for jobs because they donot have a certificate. Please after reading this STOP IT!

Erase that mentality and develop a strong skill that will compete with the highest certificate you can imagine.

Some job seeker make mistake of not applying for jobs because they donot have a certificate. Please after reading this STOP IT!

Fourthly, Jobseekers make a mistake of sending their CV to a company as an image rather than a word document or PDF file. There is nothing that shows how backward, crude, uncivilized and analogue a job seeker can be than this.

Literally it will piss off a recruiter to open a sent mail to behold it is a picture CV and most atimes the picture are not even clear enough to be readible.

And lastly, Some job seeker sent application without email subject
It will be on a high probability that the recruiter will not call you for an interview immediate they see that because you have demonstrated from the onset that you donot follow instruction or you are probably donot read the instructions.

Never leave the email subject vacant sometime a company may open up several position, if you donot indicate the position you may end up losing out.

But if you mistakenly sent out your email without a subject what you need to do is to Resent it including a subject.

Erase this mistake and exit the job market

Conclusively, I believe with the few information, much more of job seeker will exit the job market and get employed.


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