True friendship is often times difficult to achieve but I believe that one of the best ways to attain it is first to be true to yourselves which then oozes out to our friends. Life is a journey and most a times we don’t journey alone. Good travellers take care of weary companion. They comfort them when they loose heart, they take them just the way they find themselves and recover their joy in the journey.


We are looking into 14 Art of True friendship;
But before then, let know the meaning of “Art” in the New English Dictionary; An Art is a superior skills that one can learn by study, practice and observation.



“You can not live out of a friend. You cannot try to love or to accept a person for a given time”.
John Paul ll

The heart is known to be the centre of man. So express heart love just as the heart is the centre of the human body, so is love the core of friendship.



“A faithful friend is a sure shelter whoever find one has found a rare treasure. Such friends is something beyond price there is no measuring his worth”.

Friendship that flows from the heart cannot be frozen by adversity as the water that flow from the spring cannot congeal in winter.
J. Cooper

Having a faithful friend keep you on the path of right companionship and increase and stabilize the mindset.



“Be more open with trust and confidence but there can be no trust and confidence unless you find sincerity and faithfulness in others”.
George Kaitholil


Maintain your words when it comes to friendship always make sure you are sincere and have the abilities to gain trust and confidence from your friends.


“There is time for everything; time misspent is time lost”.

Human life is centered on time we need time to grow and mature from birth to death. We need time to accomplish anything on earth. So equally do we need time to establish and cultivate our relationship with our friends. No relationship can grow without the parties involved putting in their time and commitment.



The truest path to friendship lies in the effort to make our best selves available to others, to strips ourselves of the obscuring dress of selfishness and give more than we demand.
Fr. E. Kennedy


At one time or another in life everybody passes through very difficult and trying moment. Problems and difficulties are part of the human experiences. Life is like a battle, to go a living is to go on taking risks probably the most beneficial ways of risking ones life is by risking it in order to save life, for life take on more meaning when we invest it in others.



“The most important thing in the end in the relationship is respect and tolerance, not passion” 

Loyalty is a indispensable qualities of genuine friendship. They entail that one remain true and faithful to a friend as well as have a deep sense of respect and admirations.

JCAlway respect your friends

Courtesy adds sweetness to friendship as fragrance to a rose.



The best ways to destiny an enemy is to change him into a friend

Always kill some concept that will kill your relationship with a friend. You can call them “Friendship Breaker” some of these concept are;
You can never become what you want to be until you accept what you are I.M Jakson


I will hate the ways of the crooked; they shall not be my friends. The false hearted must keep far away; the wicked I disown. PS 101: 3-4


This has to do with unreadiness to change or to be adapted to a different situation or circumstance.

Unforgiving Spirit
Friendship flourish on the fountain of forgiveness.

Envy is a vicious spirit. It makes you discredit what you have and all you are Essien Orok.



This at least is bone from my bones and flesh from my flesh. This is to be called woman for was taken from Man.

Gen 2:23

I use the bible passage above to make you understand the power of complement, one cannot decide to relate only with the members of his or her sex. But also compliment to build the right good of interaction else relationship cease to be human; it become tasteless and empty.



Let me make you understand a mental journey to this;-
If a young man met a beautiful lady at a point and they engulf into a conversation and they are well spell out on trying to catch a glimpse of who and what. Then there are need not to misunderstand each other intentions. So it left for each other to make the intentions right.


The most powerful needs in human beings are not genital sex as such but relationship, intimacy, looseness, acceptance, and affirmation. When the higher needs are met, the genital or physical become more manageable. Eugene Kennedy


If it were expediency that cemented friendship, expediency when changed would dissolve them; but because ones nature can never change, true friendship are eternal.             -Cicero


I have had opportunity to listen to talks and to attend seminars organized for youth. Whenever the topic center on friendship, prominent among the things you hear is “stop hunting” boy stop hunting for girls, girls stop hunting for boys. Friendship is not a game of hunting but a game of self recovery and extension.

Discover your true character of a friend then you will be appreciated.



To be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Rom 8:6

In friendship the love energy is a precious gift that should be directed toward our self – fulfilment rather than our self destruction. Always run from immortality, illicit practices and obnoxious content.



Friendship is a treasure that must bear fruit; it must not remain hidden.  Odinaka Muoka

In building up your friendship, you have to locate your aim in safe area so that you will be happy with what the friendship content.



A friend is an object to be possessed but a subject to be cherished. 

George Kaitholil


Have confidence in yourself. Relate freely with your friends and extend the same friendliness to as many persons as possible. Also give your friends the liberty of associating with other. No single person was made for you alone. No two person were made exclusively for each other. Agreement to come together for each other, exclusive of all others comes only with marriage. If you are not yet married you better don’t enslave yourself.
Open the door. Reach out to others and others would reach out to you. Liberate yourself and let your friends experience real liberty.



The human person is of his true nature when he is free
– N. N Ugwu


If you strive on giving a friend their total freedom. You don’t expect them to meet up to your own standard. You are not upset when they fall short of your expectations.

So, cut the chains and enjoy real freedom, stop living in bondage. Get rid of your anxieties and fears. Do not put yourself under pressure you are not inferior neither prove your worth.

If shedding each other bloods make us enemies, sharing each other’s fears make us brothers and friends.



Ilounoh Emmanuel


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