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Successful business man

Success have been the concept everyone with breathe want to associate with to live more happier but to achieve that path you have to have know some rules and regulations that is associated to the attainment of it. 

Jiokcareers team try to recognize in this writeup the 10 rules (that is law and regulation) one must do to attain the height of success


One should be asking , is this the right rules for being successful? The answer is “Yes”. Because when you learn from the success of others, you just get excited and want to be like them without knowing the journey they took to be successful. And because you are not getting what you desire from the success story you hear from a successful person, you will become depress and angry, which may lead you to quit, but when you learn from the mistakes of those that are successful, you can see where they are coming from, what they pass through to be successful and the obstacles they overcame along the journey of success. So with this knowledge, you will be successful and you will achieve success faster and better than the person you learnt from others mistake. There are a lot of reasons behind every success stories, and they are hidden in the mistakes they made and correct as the journey toward the path of success. No matter how good or how smart you are, you will always encounter mistakes in life, you are not learning from the mistakes to avoid mistakes, but to know how to deal with the mistakes when they come. In being successful is not about how much you have achieved in your success story, but how much mistakes and obstacles  you have overcome in the journey of success.


This mean is good is better than size.  One shouldn’t be moved by how big the company should be or how big the business should be, but what quality services the company has to offer. Many customers are move by the size of the company are so caught up so much about the size that they forget about how the company treats them. Customers can be blinded by the size of the company without customer services, but the moment they migrate to a small company with great customer service, that’s the end of the customer patronizing the big companies. Always focus on quality over quantity.


A lot of market that has been saturated and profit is no longer coming were once done by some people that first discovered the market or business and that’s what made them successful. For example, my elder brother was one of the first person to start selling UK fairly used black berry phones in Nigeria years back as far as 2011, this business alone brought his fortune that made him invest in other businesses. Always be the first in doing things, don’t be like the normal ndi-igbo that will wait for a new market to be successful before they pour money into that new market and eventually kill it. Always be the first in solving problems, be the first to visit that place, be the first to invent that device, be the first to generate that idea, be the first to face the challenges, be the first to overcome the difficulties. Strive to be the first.



In preparing for the future, the most important thing is to have is vision. What a vision? Vision is a clear picture of things you want or what going to happen at a given time. To be successful preparing for the future is very important because it makes you a head of all your competitor. For example: when a big company is successful with the use of computer software that requires humans to operate on these software. You has a man that’s starting a company like their can’t stand a chance to beat them at the moment, but you can bit them if you prepare for the future, by working your way in thorough understanding on how Artificial intelligence is wipe out the use of humans in the market in the coming future, thereby eliminating errors and theft, when you work towards understanding  Artificial intelligence of the future and implementing it daily, when the era of the Artificial intelligence comes, all big companies that uses software to operate cant stand you.  Every time you compete for not just what on ground but what’s going to happen in the next 10 years, you will always be successful.



A lot of companies see their competitors as threat and begin to develop hatred for their competitors. Competitors aren’t there to destroy your business, they  build your business, your competitors are there for you to grow as a business, they are there to challenge you to do more than you taught were possible. When you see them doing something new, don’t be afraid of their technique, appreciate their new technique, ask them to teach you how it’s done, then after you are taught, you go and do what you learnt and implement other things that will make the technique better than what you were taught. Value your competitors because they will make you stronger than what you were if you do the right things towards you competitors.



When people are faced with challenges, you see them display a Moody and depressive face, and I believe to be successful you don’t have to look that way. Let’s define what challenges means, according to Cambridge Dictionary,

Challenges is:The situation of being faced with something that needs great mental or physical effort in order to be done successfully and therefore tests a person’s ability

While Opportunities are an occasion or situation that makes it possible to do something that you want to do or have to do, or the possibility of doing something.

The definition of challenges and opportunities are the same. The difference is challenges sees the situation in a difficult paradigm while Opportunities see it in a possibility paradigm. All you need to do is to shift your paradigm from difficulties to possibilities.
“As the famous man called Jack ma, that own Alibaba which is worth more than 15 billion dollars said opportunities always lies in the challenges, opportunities always lies in the complains, if you can solve the challenges, you will be successful, the bigger challenges you solve,the bigger the better opportunity you have.



This topic is still an issue to a lot of people, how can you believe in something that everybody speaks doubt or negative about?.We are in a world where we follow what the crowd says, if the crowd says its good, we just follow even if it’s not good. In other to believe, you need to have a vision 1st, and then you stand strong by what you have seen in the vision. That’s what believe is all about. Believing is very important in business because it’s what position your business to the kind of success it will have in the future. When you believe, you have to begin with the little you have, and work with them. Let the believe be big and not where you are at the moment, believing without working is dead. It will yield no results.


As they always say show me your friends and I will tell you who you are and also there is an idiom that’s says two birds of the same feathers flock together. The people you surround yourself with has a great way of determining how successful you will become in the future. To surround yourself with poverty mindset individual will make you have a poverty oriented results, to surround yourself with billionaire will make you have a billionaire oriented results. In the strata of success it requires an individual to take you higher, no one was successful on his own, people around you have an influence on how high you go. So ask yourself, are all your friends people that look up to you all the time in all things, if this is you, it’s time to upgrade your circles, look for those you want to be like and stay with them as much as you want to. For instance, i want to have the righteousness of God which is the characteristics of God, so I spend more time meditating and reading His words so I can have God’s righteousness. So it’s vice versa, if you spend all your time on negative people with gossips that hurts your soul, you will end up becoming a gossips. If you want to succeed surround yourself with successful people and you will succeed.



Health is an important part of success because you need health so you can works and work is what make you successful. According to Cambridge Dictionary, health is the condition of the body and the degree to which it is free from illness, or the state of being well. If you are ill, you can’t be thinking about how to succeed, all you will be thinking of is how recover from this illness and get back to work. Health is very important in the road of success. In my journey, I have found out the keys to living a healthy live: they are(1) watch the words of your mouth(2)watch what your eyes see(3)watch the foods you eat(4) watch the words you hear(5) rest (6) exercise(7) mediate on good things If you do these things your health level will increase by 50% If done consistently. In other to keep up in the road of success, health is Paramount.



 Having a wonderful time with your loved ones, this will help in setting you in a happy mood that will elevate your enthusiasm about you business or company. Any thing that will make you happy outside work is called fun.

Iloanugo Chijioke