On a long walk to a destination. I reach a point and saw large crowd of people on different attire and appearances.

At a moment, I ask a rhetorical question on how I can make a positive impact to people that will make a change to the world?

Ways you can change the world jiokcareers

When you do something meaningful, you do more than just change or increase impact but you increase happiness and longevity of people around you by your purpose of existence.

Of true, many have tried out ways to change their world but they lack clear knowledge on how to make it visible. Here are the top 10 ways you can assist to change the world.



To invest on people is far closer to build a legacy and footprint of your existence in the world. The world can be change when you invest on people because you are building people that will build others to change the entire global system.

2. LOVE:

Your greatest trophies are the tears you wipe away not the things you achieve. Many achievement without showing love to your neighbour or next person close to you is a wasted accumulation of existence without impartation.


For a little kindness can go to a next person to person, brighten many lives. For a smile to hold a door open for someone, doing chore for others, donating to charity, or buying lunch for a friend, doesn’t take a lot to make a little but better study and research have shown that simple act of kindness increase happiness and positivity.

It create warmth, which release a hormone known as oxytocin. The people you make happy will in turn make you happy

4. PRAY:

Your prayer can change your environment because there is a correlation between your prayers and societal harmony.

We have seen a lot of cases were prayer change the society, reduce incessant activities, bring peace and tranquility and also add to the spirituality of individuals that will bring decency to the society. Always create a room to pray, it will go a long way to replicate in the life of others.


Ways to change the world jiokcareers

According to Howard Thursman, “Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what make you come alive and go do it because what the world needs is people who have come alive”.

Identify ways you can begin to align your thought with your action, increasing your authenticity, make a list and work to create greater harmony between the two.


You don’t need to step out all at once or take everything at once, intact it is better you start small and just take the step. You will not know how much you got to assist people till you discover that you can actually do that because you believe it is possible.

What small action can you take today? Take it. Small actions can build on each other, but you need to take that first step” – Monica Bourgeau.


Where you change is slow to what you think, be more done to address it. By highlighting the issue, advocate for change, share information with your friends and family.

You can do that through social media platform or even writing on your blog( if there are need you create one). With that, you will not know how far you will create huge impact. Especially now with social media, your message can go viral on the internet.


Gandhi once said that you must be the change you want to see in the world” let your resource make a statement while it may not seem like a lot, if enough people redirect their spending based on unethical or unsustainable practice, businesses can change and evolve to meet demand.

Do your business and impact practice align with your value. To make people valuable, make your life more honourable.


Don’t let other people ungratefulness stop you from making other great. Many will hurt you and molest you along your path to achieve your purpose to the next person never look at their action and act on it but look the other way to keep doing that, that can make the world a better place.

Some people will hurt and play with you, but do not mind them” – Bob Marley.


Ways to change your worldds

The people you help today become your soldier in the battle of life tomorrow which give room for extension of an emerging society that is full of changes. The change one incurred today can only be seen on the surface, the number of people that will rejoice on the mention of your name.

Help! So that the world can be a better place and safe. Do not wait for anyone to take responsibility of changing the world around you because you have what it take to change the world beyond your imaginations.

If you find this post interesting, you can read my previous post on 7(SEVEN) CHILDHOOD ATTITUDE EVERY ADULT NEEDS TO LIVE A HAPPY LIFE. You will see how being a child in attitude makes you happy as an adult.  Its through your happiness you can change the next person beside you, as well as the whole world.


Ilounoh Emmanuel

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