10 ways to overcome fear

Fear is powerful and it can make a person do crazy and unimaginable things. It make people to never enter tall building, it cause people to hate others, and even make people want to live isolated in the wilderness or forest all by themselves.

Fear is that which we perceive either by hearing, sight, touch or concieved in in the mind

According to Webster’s Dictionary, fear is defined as “a desire to escape danger”. In otherword, it is a desire to take fight as a bird away from danger. It is a kind of survival instinct to be free from harm, stress, trouble, anxiety or discomfort.

Fear can be replusive, startling and confusings

Fear is that which we perceive either by hearing, sight, touch or concieved in in the mind which cause one to be terrified filled with awe and causes one to want to recline into a shell like a snail or fly away like a frightened dove.

“I always teach myself calm and visualization stuff.” – Conor McGregor

But we will look at ways to overcome fear, starting from the basic of it to the concrete nature of it in all ramification.

The ways are:

Recognize who you are:

One fundamental question that you must answer is “who am I” YES Who are you?

The question if well answered can conquer alot of things relative to fear because we have the power to be creative, to create things and to evolve new ideas and wisdom. But the greatest enemy of creativity and our innate abilities is fear.

Correctly interpret your fear

As mortals living in a seemingly unsafe world, people will continue to live in anxiety and the fear of the unknown. As long as people place emphasis on the safety of their bodies rather than on their soul, fear will remain. Unless we all realize that there is a superior power that can ultimately protect and provide for us fear will persist.

But the question now is there any such power? Is there any wisdom to tell us what plane to avoid, to escape plane crash and to guide us in every moment and steps? Yes there is. The challenge is that how many of us realize this, or are able to access it or even totally trust it?

There is no situation, circumstances or condition that is inherently fearful on its own, that make people to be afraid. The feelings of fear are always what we make up inside our minds.

Distinguish between Destructive and Refining fire.

Life is full of fears, challenge, adversities and it is indeed difficult. This is a sublime truth. And once we appreciate this fact, we are able to transcend anxieties and distress.

Some of the difficulties, pains, trails and sufferings we face are intended or designed to improve and develop our character.

Overcome Toxic Fear

Identify your purpose in Life.

One of the commonest things that make people worry, fear and complain about situation in their lives is the inability to determine or identify their purpose of life.

“Why am I here for such and such a time? “Why am I passing through these trails?” Is there any good purpose for me in this situation I am in right now? Why am I this way and others are not?

Our ability to correctly answer these questions in the situation is our lives will enable us shift focus from our anxieties and take strength and have hope, knowing that we are fulfilling a purpose, a just and good cause. And once our purpose is aimed at attaining spiritual goals, we get personal satisfaction even in the face of challenge and difficulty.

When a man discover that he can stake his life for a thing then he can face any fear or challenge that may confront him therein.

Plan ahead and execute same.

We are very precious and special people but we only have one life to live and we cannot afford to lead our lives without a plan or focus, leaving everything to chance open up a wide door to frustration, confusion and fear.

Not only is our life important so also is our time and we cannot afford to waste it without using plan to accomplish the best we can.

We are endowed with the ability to plan and excel. Our living and life itself is planned. A major distinguishing factor between victor and vanquished folks is the making of plans and then working the plan.

When you have no plans for your life for today and tomorrow, you live your life as if you are a transistor radio that must be tuned here and there to pickup signals.

Manage you finance well.

One of the greatest peace killers and fear-arousing thing or situation confronting people today is financial pressure. Beyond every other worry is by far the primary problem facing people especially in a developing country like Nigeria.

Being in debt, barely having enough money to make ends meet and prevalent poverty create difficulties for homes, families, marriage, businesses, government and individuals.

In a land where corruptions and economic mismanagement is the order of the day where the gap between the rich and poor is ever widening and where people wallow in poverty in the midst of plenty, people are bound to suffer from financial pressure and be in perpectual fear.

Through the poor national economic state may not be your direct fault but with wisdom, self-control and planning you can reduce, if not eliminate financial pressure and it attendant stress and anxieties.

If you donot wisely use your money irrespective of the amount you would soon discover that it has wing and can easily fly away.

Change your focus

Fear is very powerful and capable of affecting you negatively. But it does not matter whether your challenge affect your social or personal relationship; your career or business; your feeling of safety or your physical well-being. What is Paramount is what you think or accept about your circumstances and this is what really influence what you do about it.

The way we think and appreciate things determine the value we attach to them and the emotions they evoke. Snake are scary to many yet some people have them as pet.

One way of overcoming our fear is by changing our thinking to associate pleasure and positive emotions with that which causes us to fear. This will make you more inclined to face the fear and move out of your comfort zone.

When you change your thinking, feeling or goals about a thing, challenge or situation, your focus or attitude will change. A new focus will give you a new mindset and a new mindset will propel you to new heights.

Improve yourself

There are thousands of people who desire to live better lives. They hope to improve their material, financial and marital position. Yet they do nothing about it.

It is good to dream. But just a dream is not good enough! “I have a dream”. But are willing to pay the price to actualize it? Are you ready for the repositioning, handwork, discipline, learning, planning and change necessary for advancement? Can you dare to be different? All these come with one challenges or the other.

A lot of things we fear can easily be conquered if we change our method and improve ourselves.

Life is all about change and there is awesome power in momentum and progression. This is not to say that when things get tough, we let go and start seeking other new things. It is not about changing the things or dream, but changing ourselves, becoming committed, determined, disciplined and wiser and being effective.

Don’t be afraid to take RISKS.

We all dream and desire to be one thing or the other. But many people are choked and paralysed by the fear of taking risks even when they have well crafted plans but is being excessively cautious and avoiding dangers usually safer or rewarding in the long run.

When you vacillate and avoid taking risks for fear of failing or criticism you would not only fail to progress you also miss out on good opportunities for success.

The fear of taking risks is life a trap which you see clearly and yet walk into it. It make people quit before they even try or begin and even for some who venture to take action, their fear make them believe that they won’t survive or succeed.

Perservance is not a long race; it is many short race one after another…Walter Elliot

It is said “the race is not always to the Swift…but to those who keep running”. No matter how challenging, fierces or fearsome our situation may be, we need perservance and we will overcome. You may be working hard on a project, dream or trusting God to turn around a difficult situation. Delay is not a denial. It is a period of refining, fine-tuning and perfection.

Difficult things take a long time, impossible thing a little longer.
These are few of the many ways that will surely and sincerely overcome our fears.

How do you overcome your fears? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Isa Mohammed April 1, 2020 Reply

    By prayers

  2. Itoro asuquo April 1, 2020 Reply

    Your fear can depart you by making God your all and all

    • jiokcareers April 1, 2020 Reply

      Thank you itoro

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